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Angus Heifers

Our Bulls

Our Bulls may not be king at the J-G Ranch, but they've got it good. Our Bulls are selected for their maternal characteristics (not carcass EPDs), calving ease, and rapid growth all with a moderate frame score. Our emphasis is on a frame score of 5 to 5.5, resulting in more economical females and yet steers that will still wean in the 650 range. Genetics from the Sitz Angus Ranch and KG Angus Ranch in Montana are the stepping stones for great, predictable bull power. Our genetics include progeny of the great Traveler 6807, Traveler 8180, Alliance 6595, Alliance 9800, Emulation EXT, Rainmaker 6169, OCC Emblazon, OCC Great Plains, GAR Game Day, Final Answer and the list goes on. 

Below are the statistics of our current bull lineup.