Our Specialty is Bred & First Calf Commercial

Angus Heifers

Our Heifers

The result of our breeding program is a moderate framed, deep bodied cow with excellent maternal characteristics. They are easy keepers. The goal is to grow efficient mommas that at maturity will weigh 1250 lbs and routinely wean off calves weighing 650 lbs.

From 2006-2010 our heifers were selected to appear at the Fort Worth Stock Show's Invitational Commercial Female Show and Sale, where they routinely placed while facing competition from large breeders in Texas and Oklahoma. Since then, we have marketed our crop of bred heifers by private treaty, which begin calving in November.

In response to stories of calving out heifers supposedly bred to low birthrate bulls, we take that worry away from our customers.  We now market most of our heifers as pairs - with a healthy calf by their side ready for a February or March delivery. We typically expose these heifers to one of our bulls so there will be some three in ones. Look below to see our heifers prior to calving and the pairs with their healthy young calves.