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Angus Heifers

Our Cows

The bedrock of a heifer operation is the cows. Our original herd of Angus Cows came from the Penner Ranch at Mill Creek, Oklahoma - the first family to have Angus cattle in the state. These cattle are pure bred and go back to the Saratoga line of Angus cattle.

Starting with four sons of Traveler 6807, who is known for producing outstanding cows, we have raised our own female herd.  Thanks to exceptional Sitz and KG bulls, our replacement cows have gotten better and better over the past 20 years. In addition, Jim uses his statistical techniques to rigorously analyze each cow according to her past calving history and calf growth. The result is a medium-framed, easy-fleshing, deep-bodied heifer that produces excellent fast-growing calves.

These cows' steer calves are marketed yearly on Superior Livestock Auction in July at Loveland, CO. We market these steers under the VAC 34+ program, assuring they have the full round of shots. These steer are knife-cut, hormone and antibiotic free, and suitable for export. But most importantly, the buyers get a high percentage that will grade out prime, explaining why they routinely top the Texas market. Russ deCordova (903-390-6109) is our Superior Rep, who knows our cattle well.